Most of my code of note lives in github now. Please check it out if you’re interested. One day I might implement one of my ideas, and when I do, it’ll live here. Until then, here are some things I work on and semi-actively maintain.

Apps and Projects

  • swift-test-codecov - Nifty little tool for collecting code coverage on Swift Packages. I contributed some features to enable MoneyBowl’s CI/CD pipeline. Works great with GitHub Actions!
  • coverage-badge-generator - Hacked-together in Rust, I used this with swift-test-codecov to put coverage badges on MoneyBowl’s internal Swift Packages. Again, works great with GitHub Actions.
  • Coming Soon! MinuteTrak - My daughters are competitive dancers, their studio offers private lessons with a pool of lesson minutes. This app was written for my wife to keep track of the scheduled and remaining minutes. It’s 100% SwiftUI and SwiftData, it scratches her itch but probably isn’t useful to anyone else…

Web Work

  • North Catasauqua website - I did some work to get my hometown on the web. I setup and tweaked Squarespace for their needs and help when they have questions.
  • Catasauqua Youth Soccer Association - One of my kids plays soccer, I’m on the organization’s board. I setup and tweaked Squarespace for their needs and update it four times a year when registration opens and closes.
  • This website - See the Colophon for details on the design and code.


Old things I worked on that no longer exist or probably don’t work if they do…

  • ChannelScrobbler for OS X - My first built-from-scratch Mac app in the Mac App Store. ChannelScrobbler sits in your status bar and posts your scrobbles to a Slack channel in real-time. kinda stopped working the way I was using it so scrobbling stopped and I never resurrected the Aoo. I sincerely apologize to my one other user.
  • Cues for iPad - Cues: The Audio Engineer’s Teleprompter is designed to provide cues and sound effects for running the sound board for a live theatre production. Cues uses an act and scene based interface to provide hints on what microphone or sound board channels to bring up or down for a given scene in a show. I built this to run the soundboard for our local community theatre, but they no longer exist and I Was the only user anyway.
  • StoryboardMerge for OS X - I didn’t create it, but @marcinolawski merged in a pull request of mine that allows it to be used as a git mergetool for dealing with merging Xcode storyboard files. If you do Cocoa development in a team it’s work a look!
  • Allentown Lights in the Parkway Display Builder for iOS - I built this app by myself in 3-weeks back in 2012 as an employee of Trifecta Technologies, Inc.. It hasn’t been updated since. It never had a ton of downloads and I’m not sure if it even accomplished its goal of giving people something to do while waiting in line for the Allentown Lights in the Parkway display, but my kids used to love it.
  • Manifesto - A quick little bookmarklet I put together to debug cache.manifest file syntax for offline web apps. The source lives on Github if you’re interested. (I don’t think it actually works anymore, but it’s still there…)