Cues: The Audio Engineer’s Teleprompter was designed to provide cues and sound effects for running the sound board for a live theatre production. Cues used an act and scene based interface to provide hints on what microphone or sound board channels to bring up or down for a given scene in a show. It also provided the facility to play sound effect mp3 files by hooking your iPad’s audio out to your sound board. Mp3 files could be loaded from any application that provided an “Open In…” option, like Dropbox or Box.

Featured: * Light-on-dark interface for darkened theaters. * Large-text interface for easy visibility. * Create cues by visual prompts like entrances or exits or by character lines. * Color-coded cues for visual differentiation. * Cues could specify one or more microphones/channels or a single sound effect. * Sound effects could be any mp3 file. * Run-once sound effects or looping, multiple-scene ambient sounds.

Cues was never actually released other than through TestFlight, but I enjoyed using it and it was quite handy. There is something to be said for scratching your own itch.