I haven’t said anything about it yet, but I love Google Reader. Not only is it an amazing feed reader, it has a neat little service where it recommends feeds to you based on your existing reading list. Yesterday night it recommended Matt Snider’s blog to me.

Matt writes about JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks, and includes some very in depth analysis and excellent code examples. Matt, like myself, seems to prefer a very OO approach to JavaScript, so I will probably be referencing his articles in future posts. If JavaScript is your thing, go check out his site, subscribe to his feed, and be sure to checkout the archives for some great stuff like this article about an isDOMReady implementation, and a great overview of JavaScript frameworks and libraries.

As I said yesterday, if you or someone you know blogs about topics similar to mine, please let me know. If I like the site, I’ll gladly add it to my blogroll, write about it, and probably use it as a conversation started in a future article.