My blogroll needs some love. I’m looking for some quality blogs out there who are just starting up. They should be on a similar topic, somewhere close to SEO, CSS, JavaScript, Web Standards, and/or Java Programming, but that’s really open for negotiation.

Here’s my problem, my co-workers don’t blog, I doubt most of them have even heard of Wordpress, and nobody really has enough of a passion to take the time to write. So, if you’ve got a young blog, or you know of a blog on a similar topic, please send me a link in a comment. I’m looking for blogs that update often, or at least regularly, because I need some fresh, on-topic content to comment on and discuss. Who’s out there? This is not a link exchange request, I don’t expect reciprocation, but I wouldn’t complain if you did, and please don’t spam me with links to non-related sites.

In other news, I’ve come across a few interesting Wordpress plugins that I’m going to be trying out, wp-typogrify, and Registered Users Only (not for this blog). So, look for those changes and if I find anything interesting about them I’ll let you know!