I’m an iOS developer at CareEvolution, Inc., I have a title, technically I’m a “Senior Software Architect” but the way we work, titles are really just to keep people’s resumes happy. CareEvolution builds a piece of software known as an Health Information Exchange (HIE) called HIEBus. It’s basically a big database that knows how to talk to various other digital medical records systems through various standard and non-standard methods that ingests all of their data. Once that data gets into HIEBus other software is written to use that data to do cool things. The iOS apps I work on use that data to help medical providers and patients stay informed and healthy. It’s pretty neat, and hopefully you’ll be able to use it soon!

Prior to CareEvolution, for over 10 years, I was an Enterprise Solution Architect specializing in iOS and mobile development at Trifecta Technologies, Inc. In practice, that meant I helped to design large business systems that ultimately interact with iOS clients that I designed and lead a team of developers through building.

About This Blog

This blog has existed in many forms since roughly October of 2000, it started on LiveJournal, lived at CSH for a while, did a brief tour of duty on Blogger, and has now found a permanent home here. I used to try to write daily but never really managed more than three posts a week. Then it sat idle for years until Wordpress rotted-out underneath it. Now that this iteration is here, I’ll post something when I have something interesting to say.

Want to Say Thanks?

This blog and most of my projects are done because I love doing this stuff. Please let me know how much you care by donating a few bucks with PayPal. It’s always appreciated!

Want to Work With Me?

Here’s where it gets interesting. I currently LOVE my job, and frankly am not interested in leaving it for something else just like it. However, there’s a running offer that has always been posted on this site. So in the name of tradition, if you pay my salary and benefits for a year I will gladly give you a 49% share in whatever I can come up with. The sky’s the limit for your ideas (assuming I believe it can be profitable in a year and I think I can work with you), and I have quite a few ideas of my own if you just have some cash to invest. One of my life-goals is to eventually own my own company, this is just the most plausible way to do it at this stage in my life.