If you’d like to work with me and the other amazing people at CareEvolution, we have some new job postings up on StackOverflow Careers:

Open to US Residents. The core codebase is C# but there’s a lot of JavaScript using Angular.js and a little iOS work as well. CareEvolution scores 11/12 on the Joel Test.

At some point in the process you may think to yourself, “Self, this is too good to be true. It can’t possibly be real.” I did the same thing. I expected a “but” for weeks, pinching myself every day. Now, I’m three-months in and I still haven’t found a “but” and I’m thrilled to go to work every day! (Oh, and by “go to work” I mean put on my slippers and wonder into my home office.)

I no longer work are CareEvolution, but it’s still a great company full of great people. They’re probably hiring, so please check them out!.