I’ve recently been working through a Lynda.com tutorial on Illustrator. It covered most of the tips in this article, but I found it to be a nice summary of how to setup your AI documents for pixel-perfect design.

If you want your designs to be tight and clean on device or on the web, then you’ll want to start your AI documents with these settings.

When you create a new document, make sure you are working in pixel units and have Align New Objects to Pixel Grid checked.

Then, in your General Settings, make sure your grid and keyboard increments line up to individual pixels.

Then if your keyboard increment is every 1px, you can be sure that you’re nudging on the pixel grid.

That’s not all. If you want things to be pixel perfect, you MUST make sure that Snap to Grid is checked. This is very important. If this isn’t checked, you may still get objects that sit on half a pixel (which will cause a fuzzy edge).

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