Since I found out that HappyCog redid the admin for WordPress 2.5 I’ve been interested to see what it looks like. This morning I decided it was time. I originally used the DreamHost one-click install to setup my initial install, and although it is a nice feature, I decided that SVN was more my thing. Going through the steps provided was pretty simple, and my upgrade was complete in about five minutes total.

As far as compatibility, all of my existing plugins “worked” but the XML Sitemap plug-in looks a little funny thanks to the new admin design. While I was at it I added the ClickPass plugin as a follow-up to my recent foray into OpenID. I’m not sure it’s working correctly, I can login with my ClickPass account (which I’m assuming is cookie based), but have been unsuccessful merging my preferred OpenID, or even the one Technorati provides. I will have to look into that one a little further, but until then, no ClickPass for me.