Ok, I’ve been blogging for two weeks now, I think I may have the habit for it. I say this because if I don’t have a post done by my second cup of coffee I start twitching uncontrollably. Yeah. Seriously though, I’m a procrastinator, if I don’t have a deadline I will simple put things off forever, so in order to get this site a skin, I need a hard due date.

So, in honor of this year’s May 1st Reboot, the new style is going live on May 1st. I’ve signed up, submitted this site, and I now have roughly 29 days to make it something other than black on white. Now that doesn’t mean it will happen any time soon, in fact I’ll probably do most of it the week the site is down in preparation for the reboot, but I can assure you, May 1st is it, no more black and white.