First things first, three new entries to the Blogroll: Bokardo, Like It Matters, and Own Your Identity. I’ve been a long-time Bokardo reader, and the other two entries came from that. Josh Porter from Bokardo is a contributor to Own Your Identity, which is also contributed to by Brian Oberkirch of Like It Matters and Myles Weissleder. Own Your Identity is the blog for the Ch.imp (Content Hub and Identity Management Platform) project, which is described in this post. I love the concept, a decentralized identity hub that you install on your own domain.

I also came across ClaimID, a blog on managing your online identity, which lead me to MicroID, which seems like a microformat-based cross between FOAF’s foaf:mbox_sha1sum and an inverted XFN rel="me", in other words you place a meta element on pages that you own with a hash generated from your online identity (consisting of email and url), which looks something like this:

I’m not 100% sold yet and I think I’m missing some of the details, but I’m interested, and I’ve added it to my head element.