Loved the keynote this morning by Floyd Marinescu the CEO of InfoQ, it probably would have been better yesterday because it introduced a lot of the technologies being covered in the individual presentations, but beyond that, very interesting.

Next, I checked out OpenLaszlo 4.0 - Java ME, Ajax and beyond, I wasn’t too interested, so I don’t have much to say. Next, I attended WS-* vs. REST: Myths, Facts and Lies by Paul Fremantle of WSO2. Paul’s presentation was excellent and incredibly informative on both SOAP-based web services and RESTful services.

As with yesterday, the afternoon was not as good as the morning, I attended Designing RESTful Rails Applications which was mainly because of wanting more information on RESTful applications. This one was a little too Rails-centric for my taste, but it exposed a flaw in REST that eliminated some of the wow-factor in the concept. Apparently HTML does not allow for HTTP requests of the non-GET or POST variety such as DELETE or PUT, which means a web-based front-end is not purely possible. Apparently Rails works around this, but I’m not thrilled with that solution either.

Finally, I attended an excellent presentation on Hibernate Search by Emmanuel Bernard. Hibernate Search is a system designed to capitalize on Lucene’s indexing ability in conjunction with Hibernate annotations in order to map search results to Hibernate entities. Very cool, and definitely on my list of things to play with.