Yesterday I listed quite a few sites from which I picked a few aspects of design that I liked. I was looking more towards the layout and feel than the color but I did note a few palettes that I liked. Yesterday evening I was shopping in my local Old Navy and I noticed the colors being used in the decorations for the men’s side of the store. A solid brown wash with blue and white “boxes” and orange circles. I liked it so I snapped a quick picture with my phone and after playing for a while with different shades I came up with something like this.


It’s pretty abstract for now, and it doesn’t offer any of the texture or depth I’m looking for, but as a palette, I’m very happy.

To add to my list from yesterday, I love the footer on Design View and 5thirtyone’s homepage is amazing (Derek Punsalan’s portfolio is also very impressive, I love the header and footer, but they’re not really what I’m looking for). Of course since I’m considering brown, I have to mention UnstoppableRobotNinja for its layout and sort-of brownish color scheme and Jeff Croft for his recent redesign and advocation of brown websites.