I tried. I even had a rough draft; but when I went to try out my concept it didn’t work. My article on Friday was supposed to be on 301 redirecting from the old WordPress URL structure to a new URL structure, but after doing my research, I’m not sure it’s even possible. My guess is mod_redirect ignores URL parameters, but I definitely need to do some more homework.

The problem I was trying to solve is that Google has quite a few of my pages indexed, but they’re in the wrong permalink structure and I’d like to convert them to the friendlier structure that I have now. Looking around the web there are a few WordPress plug-ins that are supposed to help you migrate, but it seems they only migrate from one non-default structure to another. Currently, most of the links still work, but I’d prefer to have the new structure in the SERPs to gain the SEO benefits of having keywords in a URL.

So, as of now, the plan is to solve my problem and then post the article. Hopefully, if all goes well, there will also be another new article on this coming Friday, but only time will tell.